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BOSNIA AND HERZEGOVINA - 2 Die Of Swine Flu In Bosnia
BULGARIA - Swine Flu Case Reported In Gabrovo
INDIA :: One more swine flu case confirmed
COLOMBIA - Colombia Blames 3 Deaths On Zika - Nerve Disorder
ROMANIA - First Human Death From SARS Has Been Reported In Bucharest City
ISRAEL - More Newcastle Disease Found On Israel
LITHUANIA - Lithuania Reports Seven New ASF Outbreaks
UKRAINE - Ukraines Flu Death Toll Surpasses 200
PERU :: Peru reports new dengue outbreak along northern border
SPAIN :: Zika virus pregnancy case confirmed in Spain
FLORIDA :: Santa Rosa County - 12 reported cases of Zika reported in Florida
FLORIDA :: Lee County - 12 reported cases of Zika reported in Florida
FLORIDA :: Miami-Dade County - 12 reported cases of Zika reported in Florida
FLORIDA :: Broward County - 12 reported cases of Zika reported in Florida
FLORIDA :: Hillsborough County - 12 reported cases of Zika reported in Florida
INDIA :: FMD outbreak claims 60 cattle
IRELAND :: Child dies in Dublin hospital from case of swine flu
PHILIPPINES - Newcastle Disease Virus Spreading In Philippines
ARGENTINA - New Case Of Zika In Argentina Confirmed
CHINA - Thousands Of Poultry Dead In Latest Chinese Bird Flu Outbreak
ROMANIA - Romania Records First Swine Flu Human Death This Winter
AZERBAIJAN - No Swine Flu Cases - Zika Virus Diagnosed In Azerbaijan
MALAYSIA - Dengue Claims Seventh Victim In Terengganu
HAWAII :: Two more Big Island dengue fever cases confirmed
FLORIDA - Suspicious Package Containing Powdery Substance Forces Building Evacuation In PBG
GEORGIA - Over 100 Confirmed Swine Flu Cases In Georgia
INDONESIA - 25 Banten Residents Die from Dengue Fever
TONGO - Tonga Confirms 2 Zika Cases With Pregnant Women
NIGERIA - 6 Die In Bauchi
MEXICO - Mexico Confirms 37 Zika Cases
NIGERIA - Ogun State Records first Lassa Fever Case
IRELAND - First 2 Cases Of Virus Confirmed In Republic Of Ireland
INDIA - 2 Test Positive For Swine Flu
HAWAII - 249 Cases Of Dengue Fever Reported On Hawaii Island
PANAMA :: Zika virus spreads in Panama
CHILE :: Chile Confirms 3 Cases of Zika
TEXAS :: Sexual transmission of Zika confirmed in Texas
FIJI :: Dengue cases increase to 93
THAILAND :: Thailand says man, 22, has contracted Zika virus domestically
INDIA :: Swine flu kills one more in Ferozepur village
HAWAII - 2 New Confirmed Dengue Fever Cases
RUSSIA - Number Of Swine Flu Cases Registered In Kamchatka Rises To 118
BENIN - Benin Reports 9 Lassa Fever Deaths
GEORGIA- Death Toll From Swine Flu In Georgia Reaches 8
UNITED KINGDOM - 4 People Placed In Isolation After Contracting H1N1 Swine Flu Virus
HAWAII - Dengue Fever Case Confirmed On Maui
AUSTRALIA - 2 Confirmed Cases Of Zika Virus In Australia,
HAWAII :: Dengue fever case count increases to 244
SAUDI ARABIA :: Saudi Arabia reports MERS case in Riyadh
RMENIA :: Two cases of botulism reported in Armenian Gyumri
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